Hotel Santin is surrounded by alternative tourist destination including Sacile: perfect for those who have already visited Venice, Treviso and Pordenone looking for new places to discover. Essential set of things to do in Sacile is imprinted on this balanced and peaceful location with interesting combination of nature and human settlements in a perfect harmony featuring some of the most cozy historical city centers.

Known as the "Garden of the Serenissima" Sacile was the hosted most beautiful palaces that were constructed along the river Livenza for the nobility of Venetian Republic. Its charming historic centre is located on two islands of the river Livenza and no one knows whether the islands are natural or artificial. The smaller of two islands of Sacile had the port and commercial area while cathedral and castle of Sacile were built on the larger one. The earthquake of 1936 caused great damage to the town's buildings and to its ancient city walls.

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