Campanile San Marco



The bell tower in Romanesque-Gothic style is the symbol of the city, it’s construction was begun in 1291 and completed in 1347 and until 1544 the ground floor used as a prison. The tower was damaged several times by earthquakes and lightning. In 1820 was issued an order to destroy it for safety reasons but never been done fortunately. In 1862 was dressed in iron and was completely renovated in 1888. Other consolidation works have done after the earthquake of 1976. The bell cell "houses six bells, one in 1627 and the rest in 1991, the date of the last restructuring, thanks to John Paul II’s hand during his visit to diocese the following year". Visiting the Sovereign Pontiff is remembered by a bronze bas-relief, guarded inside the sacred building, the sculptor Fiorenzo Bacci.