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A place of cultural meetings between ancient and modern


Casual visit to Pordenone will certainly turn into an emotive walk around the streets among the monuments of the historical center representing important cultural and artistic heritage of this unique city.
Events in Pordenone enrich cultural offering with various opportunities for sport and entertainment all to experience: art, gourmet, shopping, sport events, literature and trade fairs to enrich your holiday with unmatched, memorable experiences.

Convenient central location of Hotel Santin near main places of interest in Pordenone provides a perfect base to discover local attractions and participate in rich event program. Wide range of activities and elegant lifestyle is perfectly balanced with close proximity to seaside resorts and iconic Italian cities. More information on places to visit in Pordenone and local events are available at

Pordenone Turismo




Events in the city

The city of Pordenone has a rich calendar of cultural, artistic and entertainment activities


Affiliated sporting events

L’Hotel Santin è convenzionato con i maggiori eventi sportivi in città, al fine di ospitare atleti accompagnatori e appassionati, per garantire una grande partecipazione.



Cultural Visit

The history of Pordenone lies in the paths among the monuments and the cultural areas of the city centre. Discover the Art and Culture that make every visit a unque event!



The city centre of Pordenone is not the only place worth a visit. Come and discover the great beauty of our region, among food, wine and outdoor activities.

Besides international film festivals and Zanussi brand, province of Pordenone hosts plenty of iconic Italian towns, mansions and palaces including beautiful and iconic historical center of Pordenone city. This city also enjoys a privileged position that once made this city main cultural and commercial meeting point imprinted in local paths including most popular Queen's Walk. Just discover how far is Pordenone from Venice to understand its importance in history of Venetian republic and Italy.

Located in the heart of north-eastern Italy, city of Pordenone is a good starting point for more discoveries including great cities like Venice, Padua and Verona to enrich our holiday with art, history, unique cultural heritage and genuine Italian atmosphere. Venice is certainly one of the most famous cities in the world, so during your holidays in Hotel Santin you have an exclusive opportunity to blend comfortable stay and unique cultural immersion.

Beneficial location of our hotel in the heart of Pordenone province will definitely enrich local cultural offering with various opportunities for events and excursions all to experience: art, gourmet, shopping, sport events, literature and off course cinema to enrich your holiday with unmatched, memorable experience.




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